Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The bother begins here

Good day to you. When I were a lad, the choices for jazz lovers were simple, if limited. If a record was in catalogue, you could buy it, or more likely order it, from your local Our Price. If deleted, you could scour second-hand shops for ages, often paying through the nose for a copy when it finally turned up, or you could find someone with a copy and a cassette deck to make a copy for you. Being a purist, I always turned my nose up at the cassette dub option, except in cases of dire emergency. This meant that I spent far too much money on records that I wanted desperately, without a single penny of it benefiting the artist.

Time and technology have moved on, but record company attitudes haven't. There's still a lot of great music that needs to be reissued, but nobody seems to have the will to do so. Meanwhile, the modern equivalent of a cassette dub is a vinyl transfer to a digital format, ideally CD-R or a losslessly compressed file type like FLAC. This means that dubs can sound as good as playing the original LP, sometimes better if restored with care. So, this blog exists to make available some classic deleted jazz albums (with the odd venture into other genres) that would otherwise cost a fortune on eBay or elsewhere.

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